Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thursdsay - Thoughts

What is it that makes children so wonderful?  I believe it is:

  • their unconditional love 
  • the pure delight they get from the simplest things
  • they believe everything 
  • their total trust and faith in those in charge of caring for them
  • of course, their honesty...honesty to the point of embarrassment
  • and most importantly, is that they have no pride...I'm talking about the kind of pride that says I'm better than you.

I participated in a live chat last night with Cathy Cassani Adams. One thing she mentioned was reconnecting with the little child we once were.  Remembering who we were when we were little.  That little child has never left us and if we can remember what we once knew we can become a better adult.

In Sunday School last week we discussed Matthew 18 where the Savior says that unless we become as a little child we can not inherit the kingdom of God.

I think it is more than coincidental that 2 times this week I've had the same topic brought to my attention... 

I've been thinking and remembering who I was...the little girl inside of me.  I like her a lot.  She is happy, trusting and full of adventure.  She is a bit mischievous and loved to play out doors.  She would dream of being a bird and flying high in the sky (I would climb the trees in our yard and try to get as high as I could then pretend I was a bird).

All these 'little' child qualities oppose what the world teaches, but they are in harmony with what the Lord teaches and with what is good and right.  I'm going to post a photo of me when I was little on my desk so i wont' forget who I really am and who I can become!

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  1. Good thoughts for today. We all need to remember that. I love this picture of you. (it is you isn't it?)

  2. Yes, the bottom picture is and white because that's all there was in the olden

  3. Is that you on the slide? How adorable!! :) My sister is 8 years older than I am, and I love when she tells me how I was when I was little...I really don't remember. She says I would get a Charleston Chew from my dad, and then go outside and end up giving it away piece by piece, saving only a little bite for myself...I LOVE that and never want to lose sight of that which God placed in my heart. Thanks for sharing this great post!

  4. Michele,
    I have a son that's a marvelous attribute!


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